Facebook Are Coming To Dublin To Film Massive Success Story 'Girl Crew' 6 years ago

Facebook Are Coming To Dublin To Film Massive Success Story 'Girl Crew'

The hugely popular Girl Crew social group, which began as just another Facebook group page is being lauded as one of Facebook's success stories of 2015.

The GC team made the announcement in their newsletter The Girl Crew Gazette, which was published yesterday.


Girl Crew began when founder Elva Carri wanted to find a bunch of new pals to go on a night out with, so she changed her gender on Tinder to 'male' and changed her profile picture to a statement about wanting to make new friends to go and have a dance with.

The original Tinder profile pic that started all this beautiful craziness.


The group has since massively expanded with Girl Crew communities springing up as far as Toronto, Sydney, Hong Kong and Berlin.


Elva, Aine and Pamela of GC made the exciting announcement about Facebook paying them a visit:

'So we are CRAZY excited that a team of six people from Facebook's headquarters in Palo Alto...are coming to Dublin to make a video about GirlCrew! You're all going to be an example to the world of what friendship is <3 <3 <3 The video will go out as part of 'Friends Day', Facebook's official anniversary on February 4th.'

It's all part of Facebook celebrating 12 years in business, as they highlight the great friendships that have been made using their network.

Lead Image via GirlCrew.rocks