A free festival in Cork wants to save our seas from plastic pollution 2 years ago

A free festival in Cork wants to save our seas from plastic pollution

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"Environmental stewardship of our oceans is something we need to instil in our children."


A festival in Cork is hoping to save our seas from plastic pollution while also raising awareness of the sheer amount of pollution our tiny nation produces.

This year's maritime festival, SeaFest, will include an interactive installation made up of 60kg of household plastics - the same amount that is used (and often discarded) by the average adult every year.

The Clean Oceans Experience is Bord Iascaigh Mhara’s centrepiece at the festival and will encourage attendees to think about their plastic waste and the ways they could change their buying habits to become more sustainable.

Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr Mick Finn, said that young and old people alike need to be taught about the need for a more conscious future.

“Environmental stewardship of our oceans is something we need to instil in our children," he said. "This will ensure the problems facing our oceans are addressed, and hopefully, reversed."

"I’m delighted to welcome SeaFest to Cork for the next three years, as it serves an important role in this education (...)

"In a fun and interactive way, this national annual festival is helping those of all ages to think about their connection with the water and how the actions they make today can make a difference tomorrow.”


The festival will also run workshops on how to turn plastic into art, while the A Flock of Sea Gulls event seeing 1,000 young people transform 1,000 plastic cartons into an installation of sea gulls .

Cork City Council environmental awareness officer, Mary Walsh also highlighted that market traders will be using compostable packaging across the weekend.

“There will also be pirates on-site, keeping SeaFest free from single use plastics," she said.

"If someone has brought a plastic bottle with them, the pirate will show them how, and where, to dispose of it."


Sounds like a great, sustainable, educational weekend. And it's all free.

SeaFest takes places at the Port of Cork, Cork City from Friday, June 7 to Sunday, June 9.

You can find out more about the festival, and the 100+ free events, here. 


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