Get out the debit card because the cottage from The Holiday is up for sale 4 years ago

Get out the debit card because the cottage from The Holiday is up for sale

Stunning gaff.

The Holiday is a good Christmas movie.


Or it's a terrible Christmas movie. Depends who you're asking, really.

Irrespective of how you feel about two gals swapping lives and really finding themselves half way across the world though, one thing is for the certain.

There are some pretty unreal gaffs in that film.

One of those unreal gaffs is Cameron Diaz's character's LA mansion because, well, it's an LA mansion.


That gaff went up for sale there earlier this year for a cool €10m which isn't really all that much when you consider that it's got about seven sitting rooms in it.

Now though, Kate Winslet's character's gaff from the film is going up for the sale - the adorable cottage in the English countryside - and it could be yours for just €680,000.

Some deal, in fairness.


There is a catch though - the actual cottage itself doesn't exist.

Well, it obviously does because you're not going to bankrupt yourself for nothing, but the cottage from the film was just a skeleton house built from scratch and the interiors were all on a set.

The cottage that's currently up for sale is the house that inspired it.

It's in Surrey and it's called the Honeysuckle Cottage which is absolutely adorable, to be honest.


Here's a look inside this stunning gaff.


And outside.

Go on then.

Get the debit card out.

Or, if that wasn't enough The Holiday excitement to get you through December 1, you could book yourself a ticket to see the film in Dublin's the Stella theatre later this month. 

Spoiled for choice, really.

Images via RightMove.