Getting married? These are the biggest trends and clichés for 2018 2 years ago

Getting married? These are the biggest trends and clichés for 2018

Weddings can be a stressful affair.

Between organising everything from the cake to the seat tie-backs, there is a lot involved in pulling off the perfect day.


One person who is perfectly aware of this, is wedding planner Robin Weil who created The Wedding Planner in the UK, which has successfully married 23,000 couples over the course of three years. Pretty impressive.

He sat down with Grazia UK the other day to discuss his average bridge and TBH he pretty much nailed many of us on the head. "Someone who shops at Zara, wants to make her day unique, and has a modest budget of £20,000-25,000 (€22,000 - €28,000)."

With his wreath of experience in the marriage department, Robin threw out some pointers for things to nail and things to skip if you are getting married in 2018.

So what is to avoid? Well according to Robin, the clichéd Love Actually scene is overaly requested and never followed through. He said:

"We get asked all the time to repeat the Love Actually scene with musicians popping up. Couples think that it’ll be super cheap because the musicians aren’t playing for very long but actually it’s not easy to get that right! The number of couples who ask for it is ridiculous and the number of couples who actually do it is pretty much zero."Another one of his no no clichés includes food trucks, barn wedding and couples wishing to walk down the aisle to "Pachelbel’s Canon in D".


On the other hand, Robin predicts some big changes in 2018, with a turn away from themed weddings and a bigger emphasis on the "unique". He said:

"Most brides are obsessed with finding the unique, and a lot of that goes down to the wedding venue. We’re seeing couples moving away from venues that offer wedding packages and instead finding random venues and seeing if there’s any way they can get married there."

He also believes that calm colours are out and a move towards bolder colours is in.

He then added that Instagram is playing a bigger and bigger part in creating a wedding with brides going there for inspiration and to Pinterest for ideas.