This girl's hilarious travel selfies are every girl on Snapchat ever 8 months ago

This girl's hilarious travel selfies are every girl on Snapchat ever

Travel selfies are compulsory for any self-respecting millennial these days.

Yes, making sure your trip is well documented and making your friends thoroughly jealous is all part and parcel of a modern-day holiday.

However, we’re fairly sick of seeing these perfectly composed and edited pictures on Instagram of everyone looking nearly ethereal as they take in the sights.

One woman who agrees is Michelle Liu who has been documenting her journeys around the world in a much more realistic way.

How is she doing that? Well, by pulling the same face we pull in every Snapchat to our friends ever.

Aptly naming her account @chinventures, Michelle says she came up with the idea when she was in middle school.

“I felt the pressures of society and my peers to look a certain way and felt that I wouldn’t be able to live up to those standards,” she told HuffPost.

“As an alternative of traditional beauty, I started chinning to allow myself to embrace my quirky side and my friends thought it was funny.

“Some people appear shocked, others confused, but across the board from my experience, they are usually entertained,” she said of the public's reaction.

“Some people will come up and ask what I am doing as well and are surprised or excited about it.”

“I think now my main message with chinning would be to encourage everyone to do what they love and be themselves without caring about potential critique from others about it,” she said.

Well, it’s far more than just her friends who find it funny these days as Michelle now boasts nearly 75,000 followers on Instagram.