Girls Run The World - Five Reasons Meryl Streep Is An Inspiration 7 years ago

Girls Run The World - Five Reasons Meryl Streep Is An Inspiration

Every week, we will take a look at inspirational and motivational females throughout history as part of a campaign entitled #GirlsRunTheWorld from Life Style Sports. Why? Well because we do. Fuelled by strength and empowerment, the Life Style Sports ‘Girls Run the World’ campaign aims to support women in achieving their running and fitness goals in 2014 with the very best product range and free advice from the team of Life Style Sports Product Experts available in stores throughout the country.

Life Style Sports hope that the ‘Girls Run the World’ campaign will inspire women and with this in mind, we will feature inspirational women from Irish Olympic runner Fionnuala Britton to Hilary Clinton – these Girls Run The World and we want to celebrate them!


This week, we take a look at the inspirational Meryl Streep.

1. Her career.

Wait for this. Streep has been nominated a whopping 17 times for the Oscar of which she won 3, 27 times for Golden Globes of which she won 8. That doesn't count all of the other numerous awards she has won over the years. That is some career! On top of that, Meryl has proved that in an industry dominated by men, women can more than excel, you just have to work really hard at it.

2. Her devotion to John Cazale.

Before her marriage to sculptor Don Gummer, to whom she is married for the last 34 years, Streep lived with John Cazale, who played Fredo in the Godfather. Cazale died of cancer in 1978 but Streep remained dedicated to his last day. Pacino, who worked with the pair, commented: “I’ve hardly ever seen a person so devoted to someone who is falling away like John was. To see her in that act of love for this man was overwhelming.”



3. She is completely modest.

No matter how many awards she wins, no matter how many roles she takes on, Streep never loses sight of the fact that her work is just that, her work. Every actor and actress who talks about her always holds her in the highest regard. Why? Because she is a joy to work with. A JOY!

4. She keeps herself out of trouble!

Ever see Meryl Streep in the papers? No. She's a classy lady. Meryl likes to keep her private life private and we're pretty sure she goes out of the way to make sure she doesn't end up in the papers.



5. She is the National Spokesperson for the National Woman's History Museum.

The National Women’s History Museum is an educational institution dedicated to preserving, interpreting, and celebrating the diverse historic contributions of women, and integrating this rich heritage fully into our nation’s history. The museum aims to inform the public and encourage sexual equality. Streep serves as their spokeswoman and donates frequently to the cause.


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