The one thing you need to do if you're getting the ride and have also got the flu 3 years ago

The one thing you need to do if you're getting the ride and have also got the flu

Dying a gruesome snot-based death?

Yeah, us too.


The flu is here and with it, an abundance of sniffling, sinuses, and a serious increase in pocket-sized Kleenex sales.

It's a grim enough post-summer scenario and we are not at all happy with the situation - mainly because having the flu restricts us from engaging in some of our favourite activities including eating food, going outside, and socialising.

And in a lot of cases, it also stops us from having sex.

That's not to say that there aren't other factors at work here stopping us from getting the ride - there absolutely are - but in the interest of focusing on health for a couple of hundred words, let's just go ahead and presume that the level of mucus in our collective noses is the predominant reason why things have been less than active in the ride department these past few weeks.

Yeah, makes sense.

Still though, it turns out that being chronically unwell shouldn't actually have to stop anybody from having sex (unless you're super healthy and the person wanting to engage in coitus with you is in bits, in that case, maybe just leave it).


In some cases though, the act itself could make you feel a whole lot better... as long as you're climaxing at the end of it.

According to Men's Health, having an orgasm is a very good way to clear your sinuses and make you feel fairly content with yourself in the meantime.

Arousal and sexual activity activates the nervous system which, in turns, results in nasal constriction. This allows blood vessels to shrink and increases nasal airflow, meaning that breathing becomes easier and everybody's just happier in general, really.

Sounds legit enough.


As well as this, the pleasure might also distract you from the fact that you're currently dying a slow, flu-based death.

For a little while, anyway.