Guy sends Tinder match Powerpoint of first date ideas...and gets blocked 3 years ago

Guy sends Tinder match Powerpoint of first date ideas...and gets blocked

It wasn't the response he was expecting.

First dates can be nerve wracking enough: you want to make sure you're asking the right questions but not too many questions; that your dressed up in the perfect outfit - and most of all, that it's at the ideal location.


Ben Velzian recently matched with a man named Tom on Tinder and decided he wanted to stand out from the crowd when he suggested where they could go for their first date.

He decided to make a tongue in cheek Powerpoint presentation crammed full of ideas on what they could do including mini golf, museum visits and visits to art galleries.

But his suggestions didn't get the response he was hoping for after Tom quickly blocked him on WhatsApp and the dating app.

Ben admitted he thought it was for the best as the pair "probably wouldn't have got on" after the reaction to the tongue in cheek Powerpoint presentation.

He told HuffPost UK:

“I thought we had a similar sense of humor so I made the presentation when he asked to meet up.

"He reacted very weirdly and blocked me on Whatsapp and Tinder within about five minutes of me sending it.

"I think I scared him off, and I imagine he thought I was being serious. We probably wouldn’t have got on.”

Social media users were quick to praise Ben's creativity - with some even sharing PowerPoint's they had received themselves.


Microsoft Office even gave him a shoutout, when they sent the Celine Dion fan an iceberg captioned: "We know your heart will go on."




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