This Halloween decoration is banned in Canada for being inappropriate 5 years ago

This Halloween decoration is banned in Canada for being inappropriate

This Halloween decoration has been banned in Canada... and it's not because it's too scary.

Well, like, it definitely is scary but it's also scarily inappropriate too.


The mask, known as the 'scary peeper' is based on the well-known and highly unacceptable practice of being a 'Peeping Tom,' or somebody who derives sexual pleasure from watching another person from afar.

It's been banned in Canada, but it is still available for purchase on Amazon, shipping to Ireland, the UK, and beyond.

It looks a little something like this.



Made even more scary by the fact that Peeping Toms literally do exist and that their behaviour is likely to have made a lot of people very uncomfortable at some point.

Which is the reason that Home Depot stores in Canada decided to ban them.

According to the Daily Mail, the decorations were banned in the country last year due to their trivialisation of stalking.


Apparently, the shops had a lot of complaints from customers too.

No idea why.

But still, just because the decorations are available so close to home, that doesn't mean that people are entirely happy with them.

In a post about the decorations on Facebook, one user said that they could be potentially "damaging" to some people.


"I'm all for scary decorations but this one could be really damaging for some.

"Many people deal with stalking at some point in their lives and this could be very hurtful for them and bring back issues such as PTSD."

However, there are others who simply think that the mask is scary, and therefore, very effective as a Halloween-themed decoration.

And if the Amazon reviews are anything to go by, it seems to be selling fairly well online.

"This was one of the best pranks I've ever done to someone," said one reviewer.


"Peeping Tom look out can easily scare burglars away," said another.

So what do you think - will you be getting one for your window?

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