Here’s How To Soften (Not Melt) That Hardened Butter 6 years ago

Here’s How To Soften (Not Melt) That Hardened Butter

This genius little life hack is about to make your baking life a LOT easier.

Baking can be a great way to relieve stress, until you have to start managing all the ingredients.


Whether it’s measuring out the flour and losing half the bowl trying to sieve out the lumps, or taking hardened butter out of the fridge while waiting impatiently for it to soften.

Now Chrissy Teigen has the answer to one of a baker’s more irritating life problems – and all you need is a measuring jug, water and a microwave.

Learned this little trick on @fablifeshow! How to soften, not melt, ya buttah

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The model, foodie and all-round entrepreneur prepped a short Instagram clip where she simply filled her measuring jug with water, heats it in the microwave and pours out the boiling contents.

Then using the jug, she turns it upside down on the block of butter.

Minutes later, her butter stick is easily sliced.


Magic. *Well, close enough*