Here’s how to never hear “unexpected item in the bagging area” ever again 6 years ago

Here’s how to never hear “unexpected item in the bagging area” ever again

So you’ve accidentally dropped a feather into the bagging area and suddenly sirens go off, armed forces drop from the ceiling and the entire supermarket goes into lock-down.

There you were just trying to buy your yogurts when the annoying voice blurts out “unexpected item in the bagging area” and freezes your checkout. You can’t for the life of you figure out why and so you’re forced to wait, red-faced until a worker comes along, swipes their little barcode thing and enables you to once again proceed with your life.


Thankfully, at last, someone has come along and demonstrated how to stop it. Our saviour comes in the form of 19-year-old blogger Jordon Cox, who shares his money-saving tips on

Jordon has created a video which shows anyone how to mute the voiceover on the self-service checkout.

Embarrassingly, it’s actually very simple. If you just tap the volume button towards the bottom of the screen, it should mute the voice.

The position of the button varies slightly in stores but the video shows where all the main ones are.


Thank you, Jordon.