Here’s why you woke up with that hangover feeling when you weren’t drinking 5 years ago

Here’s why you woke up with that hangover feeling when you weren’t drinking

We’ve all had that morning where we woke up feeling worse for wear without the wild night out.

A hangover is painful enough to endure after a night of one gin and tonic too many, but how can your body be misbehaving when your biggest indulgence was some junk food or treats?


Research has proven that the harsh lighting and up-tempo music played in fast food chains makes customers buy and eat more. They also consciously play slower music at quieter times during the day, encouraging you to eat slower and maybe hang around to buy more. Rush hour? They will play fast, upbeat tunes and you’ll be gobbling your hamburger down in record time…

Well, according to gastroenterologist Dr Jay Kuemmerle, your ‘hangover’ effect could be due to your gut trying to break down fat and sodium.

So how could that sneaky trip to the Drive-Thru be bringing on the mother of all hangovers?

According to Dr Kuemmerle, it can take 12 hours for your gut to break down fat, while large amounts of salt causes your gastrointestinal tract to draw water out of your body.


This can result in dehydration, headaches, and feelings of pure lethargy.

So how can you beat the hungry hangover effects?

Think like it’s prosecco and start downing those glasses of water with your snack splurge and book yourself in for a nap.

That bottle of water could help keep you hydrated and aid digestion, while the blanket adds brownie points in resting and relaxing your gut and body.