This hot water bottle pouch is perfect for menstrual cramps 11 months ago

This hot water bottle pouch is perfect for menstrual cramps

We need it.

Ah yes, the trusty old hot water bottle that serves us well every month, what would we do without it?


There is a new hack doing the rounds on TikTok and we're obsessed already.

One woman hopped onto the social media app to tell all about the new "cute" hot water bottle pouch she got from Amazon and women in the comments were instantly drawn to it.

TikTok user @smallex4ft11 shared the clip of her modelling the new koala hot water pouch to her followers and couldn't stop talking about the benefits of her new purchase.

@smallex4ft11 this was an investment #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound - alex

"On this latest episode of things Alex bought from Amazon that she didn’t really need but she definitely did need; a hot water bottle pouch," Alex says as she shows off the hot water bottle and holds a bowl of pasta, a vibe.

"Look how cute this is, £14 for the mini hot water bottle, the pouch, which you can strap anywhere. If you’ve got back pains strap it on your back. I’ve got cramps so I strapped to here, my hands are free [I] can eat my pasta and it came with two hot water bottle cases as well, in case I don’t feel like having a cute little pouch and I wanna hold it. I can do that. Life is great."

Obviously loving it, women swarmed into the comments to tell her just that with most of them expressing just how much they need it.


One woman said: "I need this. I usually tuck it in my trousers."

Another replied saying: "Same and I end up looking nine month preggo then I forget it’s down my trousers and get up and almost lose the trousers."

A third joined in saying: "Same I tuck it into my sweats then it slides down my leg and I have to fish it out."