These lifestyle swaps helped this woman to lose three stone 5 years ago

These lifestyle swaps helped this woman to lose three stone

Meet Kathryn Davies.

The Australian lawyer lost three stone by introducing a number of key lifestyle swaps.


One of the most surprising is the fact that she used to take FIVE sugars a day in her coffee and now, she's cut that out completely.

Katherine has documented her weight-loss journey on Instagram account @kdinspiredlife and in conversation with The Daily Mail Australia recently, she explained some of the things she changed along the way.

Instead of driving or taking public transport, Kathryn decided to walk the forty minutes home from work each day and she also started working out with a personal trainer.

The 37-year-old also cut down on carbohydrates, keeping her intake to under 100g a day and she used the MyFitness Pal app to keep a record of her meals each day.


Kathryn said routine and programmes help to keep her on the right track and after someone told her Instagram was the perfect platform for fitness, she started her own 'personal accountability diary'.

Sorry for the delete and repost, forgot to add a watermark, if I don't do this people steal my pictures and use them to sell diet pills, wraps and other crappy programs ? #transformationtuesday #kdtransform When I look at weightloss or fitness as a journey or lifestyle it implies there is no endpoint. So though I get frustrated with myself whenever I lose progress, (apparently not enough to actually stop doing it over and over again but anyway?) the difference is that my tolerance for how much I will 'let myself go' is much lower than it used to be. As this is a never ending journey, I can't fail, as it hasn't finished yet! So I've been working hard to refocus with the help of my amazing #4wktofab gang (both on IG and Facebook) because the reward of feeling confident and comfortable in my body is well worth it. ??? (?Anyone can join our Facebook group, just girls supporting eachother to stick to their goals - link in my bio)

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In conversation with The Daily Mail, she explained how her Instagram account works.


"I really only wanted strangers to follow me; no one I knew. Then, a couple of my photos got re-posted by "transformation" profiles and before I knew it, I had thousands of followers.

"I still do feel nervous when I post a photo of myself, and sometimes I literally squirm before I hit upload, but in a way, having posted the first "before" shot, I had nothing to hide. I'd already shown people the worst side of me, and then it was all improvement.

"I like to make my profile super motivational, as we body bash ourselves so much and it's really de-motivating.

"Hashtags like #acceptyourself and #loveyourself have been key for me".

Motivational, accept yourself, love sounds very much like this is one Instagram account worth a follow!

Image via Instagram: kdinspiredlife