I am a feminist trended on Twitter and the backlash was insane. 4 years ago

I am a feminist trended on Twitter and the backlash was insane.

There is nothing like the word feminism to send the Twittersphere into a head spin.

Today the hashtag I am a Feminist began trending on the social network site with notable feminists leading the charge declaring in 140 characters or less why feminism matters.


Judging from the twitter interactions, feminism still remains a contentious topic of conversation.

Which is funny, considering that feminism is, at its core about the equality of the sexes.



At the end of the day, is there really any reason why women and men shouldn't have equal rights around the world?

Well, a lot of people certainly seemed to think so.


The overwhelming message coming from the side of those against feminism is that if you are a feminist, you are a fat, ugly, single and argumentative woman.

Granted, comments on our appearance is small fry when it comes to the women who live in third world countries, fearing for their lives everyday and are beaten, raped and even killed because they are female.


The longer bigots are allowed to define what feminism is, the longer the cause will be underrepresented and misinterpreted.

There really is no feminism hand book, no hard and fast rules all must obey. Chances are, if you trust women, you're a feminist.