"I Wanna Quit The Gym!!!" Twelve Fears Most People Will Encounter In The Gym 8 years ago

"I Wanna Quit The Gym!!!" Twelve Fears Most People Will Encounter In The Gym

At some point or another in our lives, we have been a member of or will be a member of a gym but that doesn't mean that we're overly happy about it all the time. Sure, it's difficult but you can develop addictions. However, you may never get over all of the fears. Here are twelve fears most people will have in the gym.

1. I woke up like this?!


So you've decided to go to the gym before work, and crucially, before you have eaten breakfast. However, you're not wearing makeup, you have a little bit of the hungry anger (hanger) and you're not sure if you will even manage to make it through a half an hour session or go without killing the person who took YOUR machine! THAT'S MY MACHINE, B**TCH! (slightly irrational)


2. The Equipment Dilemmas.

Sure, you can work a computer, your phone, various television channels and probably multiple other platforms, but you are petrified of that rowing machine. Why? And how? You know it's really easy, but you're just so irrationally afraid. "I will definitely not be rowing anywhere..."



3. The "I'll Never Be As Fit As Them" Issue.

That really fit trainer passes you by while you're giving it socks on the cross-trainer... You just feel like giving up on the spot.



4. The "Please Don't Look At Me!" Fear

I'm running here. Everyone is obviously looking at me. This is so embarrassing because I am clearly dying here. (No one is looking at you.)


5. Yes, just wearing a swimsuit...


Sure, there you are, walking around practically in your underwear. DON'T LOOK AT ME! Did I shave my legs? Nope. Great.


6. "I'm So Bored" Problems.

You've mastered the half hour on the treadmill. Now, you live in fear of the boredom. New playlists? You know them all. Hot guys? You've spotted all of them already. If I don't find something soon, I'm getting out of here.



7. The "I Need To Make It Through This Class" Worry

On top of the fact that everyone is looking at me, there's also the dilemma of keeping up with the rest of the class. It's probably a good idea to start with something gentle. You know, maybe not Total Body Tone.


8. "I Can't Do Weights!"

I'm going to look like this, am I not? (You won't look like that)


9. "I'll Lose Interest"

Yes, it was fun at the start and a challenge but now I can reasonably do some work, why would I bother? "I've mastered that. I need to find something else to do..." Next thing you know you have a new workout, pizza to mouth on the couch in front of the TV. SO much more interesting.


10. "I Can't Speak To You!!!!"

The fear of the random conversation is clearly one that rules all. You may be killing yourself with this new training programme that really fit trainer lady convinced you to do and now someone wants to have the general chats with you! DO NOT SPEAK TO ME! I AM IN A ZONE!


11. The Shorts Panic!

Oh, there's my shorts, up around my ass! Dear Lord, can everyone see my ass!!! I'm going back to tracksuit bottoms.


12. The Death Of The Ipod!

3% battery... Nearly there and... DEATH! Well, obviously I can't continue now without Queen Bey cheering me on. I am not running the world.