Irish Man Left In Intensive Care After Spider Bite 5 years ago

Irish Man Left In Intensive Care After Spider Bite

If you're even slightly arachnophobic, you should maybe stop reading now. 

Eugene Murphy from Dublin paid a visit to intensive care over the weekend after he was bitten by a flaw widow spider.

According to the Irish Mirror, 28-year-old Eugene had to be injected with adrenaline twice, after he went into cardiac arrest.

The father-of-one was sitting on his couch at home when he was bitten three times.

Eugene told the paper; "I never felt pain like it."

"I tore off my shirt and could see the spider's fangs embedded in my shoulder and its body was jumping up and down... it was properly getting stuck in.

"I felt like I was on fire and then I just dropped to the ground unconscious."


Eugene was repeatedly bitten by a false widow spider.

The Civil Engineer's father called the ambulance, which took him to the intensive care unit of Tallaght Hospital. Eugene described how he had to be tied to the bed at one point as he was convulsing so badly, and described the first three hours as "touch and go". Doctors further told Eugene that he would likely have died if he had been alone at the time of the incident.