John Lewis has opened its online Christmas store... four months before the day itself 4 months ago

John Lewis has opened its online Christmas store... four months before the day itself

Class yeah, no worries.

It's 121 days until Christmas. That's 17 weeks. That's four months.


The above assertion should mean that we probably shouldn't be worrying about the festive season yet. It's still August. It's barely autumn.

And yet here we are, watching silently as Christmas stores begin to open online, boasting their baubles, trees, and faux festivities while the world desperately tries to recover from an assortment of lockdowns and deal with the highly contagious virus that still continues to ravage communities.

But hey, it's Christmas in four months, so we may as well just go with it.

John Lewis has just opened its online Christmas store - the earliest the retailer has ever done so, which must be significant in some way.

Apparently, searches for the word 'Christmas' on the John Lewis site are up a staggering 370 percent from last year, meaning that people are either incredibly bored, or desperately hoping for something nice to distract from the upset and turmoil that is current reality.

Can't blame them, to be honest.


The online store features all the usual Christmas suspects like trees, fairy lights and decorations. 2020's decoration collection is inspired by several different art movements ranging including Art Nouveau, Pop art and the Renaissance.

Jason Billings-Cray, partner and Christmas buyer, said the online searches prove that people are looking forward to Christmas a lot earlier this year.

"Christmas celebrations mostly take place in our homes and we have seen how the lockdown has made people think more about their homes, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that people are already thinking about how they will decorate their homes this Christmas," he said.

"From the hundreds of emails from customers asking to be alerted when specific decorations become available it looks as if animal baubles will be the most popular this year with peacocks, squirrels and toucans topping the list of most wanted."


Maybe we could all do with a bit more festivity in our lives, after all?

You can check out the John Lewis online Christmas store here.