Here's what Kate Upton thinks of wedding diets... and we love her for it 6 years ago

Here's what Kate Upton thinks of wedding diets... and we love her for it

It seems wedding vows aren't the only promises Kate Upton is committing herself to. The bride-to-be has pledged not to go on any bizarre diets or even use a weighing scales before she says 'I do.'

Many have a tendency to assume that all future brides torture themselves in an effort to fit into that sultry size eight gown. Our very own Laura, here at Her, revealed some of the expectations that are surrounding the lead up to her own big day.


But as for Upton, the 24 year old model and actress is said to be planning her wedding a year after we first heard news of her engagement to fiancé Justin Verlander. Just recently she began searching for the perfect wedding dress, even flying thousands of miles to the Pronovias bridal fashion show in Barcelona last month to try and find it. One thing she won't be doing is let the pressure of looking good dictate the celebrations.

Declared as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, Kate is no rookie when it comes to others criticising her looks—as baffling as that may sound. In the past she has spoken about her first Sports Illustrated photoshoot—at age 19—and the talks that took place, deciding whether or not she was 'too fat' to be on the cover. Madness!

However when it comes down to her own big day of celebrations and walking down the aisle, she won't be taking nonsense from anyone. In an interview with People she said,


"I never get on a scale because you can’t judge yourself for how much you weigh. What really matters is how good I feel.”

"I reached a place in my career where I didn’t think of my body as something that I wanted to fit into a certain size; I started looking at my body as a function to help me live my life the best I can—to have energy and to feel strong.”

Here, here!

Instead of participating in absurd wedding diets that are unfortunately all too common—Kate has opted to concentrate on her fitness and overall health rather than the idea of frantically shedding the pounds. She began her fitness regime a year and a half ago and credits her celebrity trainer, Ben Bruno, for showing her how to positively benefit from exercise as well as change her perception of what 'healthy' really means.


"I’ve noticed my body changing in the fact that I have more energy, I feel stronger, I’m able to recover faster, whether it’s from jetlag or from a hard workout. Things like that help you enjoy your life more and have the best use of function from your body.”

We can't all have a celebrity trainer but we can certainly say adios to fad diets and the tremendous stress we put on our bodies when it comes to our nuptials.