Kids have been applying to 'work from home' with their dogs during lockdown and nah, too much 1 year ago

Kids have been applying to 'work from home' with their dogs during lockdown and nah, too much

Haven't cried yet today?

Well folks, that's all about to change.


No, not because you're sick of lockdown. No, not because you miss your family. No, not because you may not get to experience the intense enjoyment that comes with sipping a cool, fresh pint in a beer garden in the middle of the day.

You're going to cry because children are applying for jobs to "work from home" with their pets.

Because yes, every little thing does have the ability to set you off.

While a lot of companies may be struggling due to the prevalence of Covid-19, it seems that others are thriving.

So much so, in fact, that they're even hiring new members of staff during this unprecedented and trying time. The only catch is that they're children.

You truly do love to see it.


UK company Great Bean Bags are currently in the market for a kid/dog duo to test out some of their comfiest and most incredible bean bags.

The role of 'Official Bean Bag Reviewer' doesn't just come with glory though. It also comes with 50 quid and a load of doggy treats for the pet fluff in question.

"We are looking for one great team to work with, a pair that knows their bean bags from a boring chair and their comfort from their kennel," reads the rather quite detailed job spec.

"We want to see a duo that love to relax with each other, have fun and can get the most from our bean bags."

But it's not the job in general that has got us bawling crying. It's the applications that children have been sending in to apply for the job, complete with photos of themselves and their dog too.


Absolutely too much.

Kane, aged four

Lilah-Mae, aged five


Louise, aged six


Brandon, aged 10

Honestly, too much, like.

If anything gets us through this lockdown, it will be kids, their pets, and their intense love of beanbags.

You can check out Great Bean Bags' job spec here.