This could maybe be the most painful Tinder match of all Tinder matches 3 years ago

This could maybe be the most painful Tinder match of all Tinder matches


Tinder's a bit of a minefield.


On one hand, you've got a small collection of nice lads who want to go for drinks, who you otherwise wouldn't meet elsewhere, who you may end up forging some sort of decent connection with, or at the very least secure a few extra likes on Instagram from.

And on the other hand, you've got the rest of them.

And while most single people in the world have their fair share of Tinder horror stories, there are few worse than the below.

Or, they are loads that are way worse because this isn't actually that bad at all, but whatever, it's weird so we're going with it.


Some lad named Weston was swiping through Tinder when he noticed that his sister was on there.

Standard enough scenario.

Or at least it would've been if his sister hadn't have been under 18. And if they didn't somehow end up matching each other.

Yeah, no idea how they managed that either.


West0n took to Twitter to share proof of his shame in the form of a few screenshots.

They depicted the match in question, and the subsequent conversation which saw him and his sister argue over who among them was the sickest individual for swiping right.


To be honest lads, neither of you are coming out of this clean.

This comes after a woman shared screenshots of messages some lad sent her on Instagram after she didn't swipe right on him.

They were, unsurprisingly, not great.