Lockdown birthdays: 6 ideas for throwing a socially distant celebration 3 years ago

Lockdown birthdays: 6 ideas for throwing a socially distant celebration

Happy birthday.

You're one year older now. And you're celebrating in lockdown. Great.


But listen, there's no need to be sad - you can still have yourself, your friend, or whoever's birthday it is, a delicious socially distant celebration with some tasty food and treats.

Deliveroo is celebrating five years in Ireland, so understandably they've put together a comprehensive list of ways that you can host a lovely birthday celebration while adhering to social distancing rules.

Enjoy, you deserve it during these trying times.

1. Virtual quiz night, obviously 


A quiz, no way? But listen, it works.

Get all the lads on a Zoom call, don your party hats, and have a bit of a sing-song to celebrate your or your mate's big day.

For a special birthday themed quiz, try making the questions extra personal about you and find out how well your loved ones really know you - or don't know you, whichever.


2. Let them eat cake 

What's a birthday without cake, honestly?

Thankfully, you don't even need to make the cake yourself - you can order one in, or to your mate's gaff, or wherever the cake in question is needed.

For a special cake delivery try the likes of Bittersweet Cafe (Dublin), Bragadeiros (Dublin) or The Corner Bakery (Dublin).



3. Date night dinner 

Get your grub on, go on. If video calls aren't your vibe, why not have a lovely dinner in your gaff with your housemates, partner, or whoever else you live with?

Or, grab a group of no more than four and hit the park, order some food, and enjoy a socially distant celebration.

For a gourmet experience, why not try Krewe (Dublin), Koto (Cork), Lucky Tortoise (Dublin), Manifesto Restaurant (Dublin), Uncle Pete’s (Cork) or Doolally Indian Restaurant (Dublin).


4. Nostalgia treats 

If you fancy getting creative for a mate's birthday - or your own, why not? - whip out an old recipe of your mam's or your dad's and give it a whirl.

It could be some stew, it could be a fancy dessert, it could even be a big bowl of coddle. Go on, boil those sausages. You deserve.

5. Ice cream movie night 

Just make it birthday cake flavoured, yeah?

If you fancy a chill enough birthday, grab yourself your ice cream, set up a Netflix Party, and eat tub after tub with your mates online. Happy birthday.

6. Birthday brunch, breakfast, or lunch 

There isn't a soul on this planet who doesn't miss a pre-Covid brunch. Eggs? Gimme. Avo? Need. Both smeared on a slice on sourdough? The dream.

And although the experience will absolutely not be the same as celebrating in a stunning venue, the food will still be class - so it's all good.

You can order some stunning Irish breakfasts and brunches from Farmer Browns (Dublin), Pot Bellied Pig (Dublin), Dollard Diner (Dublin), Eathos (Dublin) or Angelina’s Deli (Dublin).

Enjoy it, yeah?