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Making Your Romance Last Forever: Tips From a 73-Year Long Marriage
Have you ever wondered what the key to making a relationship last? A new book has lifted the lid on the realities of marriage and is full of tips on how to find Mr Right and keep your romance on track.

In a world of super-short celebrity marriages (Kim Kardashian we’re looking at you!) it’s hard to imagine a relationship lasting for a grand total of 73 years, but against all odds Barbara “Cutie” and Harry Cooper’s romance stood the test of time.

Now 94-year-old Barbara has written a book about their great love affair and all the lessons she learned from their partnership before Harry sadly passed away. Billed as an inspirational read, Fall in Love for Life: Inspiration From a 73-Year Marriage aims to teach us about love and making it last.

Here are just a few words of wisdom from Barbara that could help you find Mr Right and allow your relationship to grow old gracefully…


The book sweetly includes photos of the couple throughout their marriage

Always Go For The Nice Guy: According to Barbara, you should be able to say nice things about the man you’re seeing. You should be thinking thoughts such as: “I like how he’s polite and friendly to the waitress” or “I like that he calls when he says he will.”

If all you can say about your man is: “He’s handsome, he’s got a nice car and he spends money on me” then there’s nothing there to build a strong foundation on.

Nice guys are reliable, stable and always there for you. Men who are more worried about their looks, their car or making money are never a safe bet.

Always Make Time for Each Other: Speaking about her relationship with Harry, Barbara says that no matter what, her husband always made time for her.


“He worked hard, played tennis and went out with the boys, but when I came along he made a Barbara-sized space in the centre of his world and made sure I knew it,” says Barbara. Awww!

Remember this works both ways, so try making some more room in your life for your partner too.

Love His Quirks: Okay, so he has a habit of coughing when he’s nervous or drumming his hands on every flat surface he comes into contact with. Rather than letting these quirks annoy you, learn to love them.

“Harry always said the word ‘library’ as if it were spelled ‘liberry.’ I grew to love it, as I loved many of his quirks. You cannot fall in love with blue eyes and perfect teeth. You have to fall in love with the character of the person,” says Barbara.

Learn to Let go of Arguments: When you’re in a relationship, it’s perfectly normal to have arguments. The important thing is to know how to let them go when the fight is over. Never rehash old arguments – there’s no use in bringing up the past over and over again. Say what needs to be said, deal with the fallout and move on. And definitely do not bring up old fights in happier times.

Always Trust Your Feelings: When it’s right, you’ll just know. You shouldn’t have to question if you feel a physical attraction to your man or not. If it’s right you’ll have no doubts, worries or concerns. You’ll just know.

Fall in Love For Life: Inspiration From a 73-Year Marriage will be released on January 2nd, 2013

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