Man accidentally buys 1,000 chickens online for less than a euro 6 months ago

Man accidentally buys 1,000 chickens online for less than a euro


A man has accidentally bought 1,000 chickens online for less than a euro.

Steve Morrow was looking to buy a "couple" of hens to keep the dozen or so he had already company, when he accidentally bought a full 1k worth.

The New Zealand man was browsing his local buy and sell website when he noticed an ad for the "urgent sale" of some chickens.

The seller needed to get rid of the 1,000 chickens as their farm was closing down. Morrow, however, misread the ad and thought that he could just bid for a few of the chickens.

Instead, he got 1,000.

"For urgent sale is one 1,000 - bird mixed age flock of Brown Shavers and Highlines," read the ad, as reported by Insider. 

Morrow said that he put in a bid of $NZ10.50 only to discover that he had won all of the birds for just $NZ1.50, or about 87c.

Some deal, in fairness.

Morrow later received a call from the farmer asking what he planned to do with the chickens. Panicking, he shared his predicament on Facebook, and was inundated with messages from people willing to help and take in some of the birds themselves.

"I was stunned, shocked, and speechless," he said.

"I had to turn my phone off at 1 a.m. It was so overwhelming, and I was blown away."

"The whole experience has shown me people in New Zealand are like one big family when it comes to helping those in need. Now everyone calls me 'the chicken man.'"

Morrow said that the birds' health is currently being assessed before they can be officially rehomed across the country.

All 1,000 of them should be rehomed within the next few weeks.