This story about a man following a woman home has such a twisted ending 2 years ago

This story about a man following a woman home has such a twisted ending

This is so scary.

We've all had those moments when we're walking alone. It could be the brightest part of the day or the darkest part of the night - either way, we're always on alert.


It's a common thing for women to be followed on the street. When you cop someone following you from behind it's safe to say you want to leg it and get out of sight, but most of us just continue on, looking back when we can and briskly walking to safety.

A man shared this post on Reddit about one time when he followed a woman to her car - BUT you have to read until the end. It will spook your core.

We were walking in opposite directions near the new student accommodations, you briefly looked at me and kept walking and a couple of seconds later I turned around and started following you, I notice the moment you realised that I was following you by how your pace changed, your shoulders squared and you grabbed your phone. That didn't stop me, you just kept walking and I maintained the distance (some 50 feet behind you) pretending to talk on my phone, I thought a couple of times on closing the distance and introduce myself, talk to you, but I didn't, so you kept walking, throwing glances to check where I was. I could also tell you that once you turned around the corner to the dead end street next to the motorway, where your car (and mine) was parked that if you had being wearing tennis shoes you would probably have started to run, but wisely you kept you pace in your high heel boots. I stopped by my car, yours was further down the street, and used my phone again, and I saw you taking a picture or video of me when you passed by my side in your car.

What you probably never noticed were the other two guys, the ones in the other sidewalk, the ones that pointed at you and started to follow you before we crossed the first time, you didn't notice how they looked at you or the fact that they seemed to be on drugs, or a bit drunk, or maybe both. You also didn't notice when you passed me in your car that they were in the corner of the dead end street, looking at you in your car passing by and then at me. You also missed the next ten minutes while I waited in my car for the police to arrive (that I called while you were getting into your car), the 15 minutes of questions that followed and me showing them the picture of the two guys that I took while I was following you.

I really sorry that I scared you, but to be completely honest, I was really scared myself, I'm no hero by any means and my instinct was telling me to get the f*** out of there, but you could have been my wife (she parks in the same street) or my daughter and I wouldn't forgive myself I something happened and I did nothing to stopped it.

Yep. Shook.