Mum who went viral with bee-bump maternity photoshoot loses baby 11 months ago

Mum who went viral with bee-bump maternity photoshoot loses baby

A mum who went viral with her bee-bump maternity photoshoot has lost her baby.

Ohio beekeeper, Emily Mueller, had posed with thousands of bees covering her baby bump to celebrate her pregnancy.

However, Emily revealed over the weekend that she had lost her baby, Emersyn Jacob.

In an emotive Facebook post, she wrote:

"So many people awaited the arrival of our sweet famous baby who was the star of our wonderful bee maternity photo shoot.

"Jesus decided he needed his own beekeeper and took our precious son, Emersyn Jacob, back up to Heaven with him."

The mum also shared a photo of her son in a bee onesie.

In her post, Emily detailed that she felt her baby stop moving.


She also said that when she was in labour, her contractions felt different than anything she had felt with her other pregnancies.

Once she realised that her baby had not survived, Emily said that moment became "a storm" in her life.

"Our baby has died. Our baby will never come home with us.

"This wonderful rainbow baby we were blessed with has now become a storm in our lives."

"Finding out your baby died is unfathomable. Learning you have to be induced and deliver your deceased child is way beyond that.

"My heart instantly ached for any woman that has told me she had a stillborn."

The mum has since spoken out over criticism she had also received regarding her bee-bump photoshoot.

She said she is "disgusted" to see that some people have been blaming her for her son's death.

"My sweet Emersyn did not pass from me being a beekeeper or having bees on my body.

"In fact, if there was such a risk to your unborn child dying from a sting, pregnant women would be advised to never leave their home. To never walk barefoot. To never have a picnic. To never drink a can of soda outside or take a walk in the woods.

"The ignorance is disgusting to see. I am ashamed people like you exist in this world. You make this universe the way it is, hateful, empty and cold. But not for us. Not for our baby.

"We have been so encompassed in such great love that we are being protected by those who know. Those who are suffering with us. Those who see the love."

Images via Emily Mueller.