Nespresso turn used coffee pods into bicycles for schoolgirls in Ghana 2 years ago

Nespresso turn used coffee pods into bicycles for schoolgirls in Ghana

"Making a lasting, positive impact on the world..."

Nespresso are turning their used coffee pods into bicycles, and donating half of them to schoolgirls in Ghana.


The caffeine company use easily, infinitely recyclable aluminium coffee capsules to minimise the product's impact on the environment - and now they have created a fully functional bicycle made from the used pods.

Along with Swedish start-up Vélosophy, the company have created a RE:CYCLE bike with a frame made from their aluminium capsules.

"At the core of Vélosophy’s mission is a commitment to making a lasting, positive impact on the world," they said.


"This means working with recycled aluminium to design and produce high-quality bicycles that balance sustainability and style.

"But for Vélosophy, sustainability also has a human face."

For each of the 1,000 bikes sold, the companies are promising to donate another one to a schoolgirl in Ghana.

The bicycles will ensure that these young women have a means to attend school, providing them with a means to further their education and support themselves and their communities.


According to World Bicycle Relief, access to reliable transportation will increase a schoolgirl's classroom attendance in Ghana by 28 percent - and increase her chances of graduating by up to 59 percent.

The RE:CYCLE bikes come in a range of colours, with each of them including a basket and cup holder.


1,000 of the bicycles are available to purchase from the Vélosophy website now.

They are retailing at 8900 SEK (about €834) not including delivery.