New App Won't Let You Write 'Sorry' Or 'Just' In An Email 6 years ago

New App Won't Let You Write 'Sorry' Or 'Just' In An Email

Sorry, not sorry. 

We've all been there when you want to ask someone for something through an email and you begin with, "I'm just wondering", or "Just a quick email" or saying "sorry" too many times when you don't need to be sorry for anything.


Well, now there's a tool to stop you doing that. It's called 'Just Not Sorry' and it's a Gmail app, 'that warns you when you write emails using words which undermine your message'.

How it works is when you're writing your email it will highlight words that should be changed, with additional information about how using the phrase is perceived.




Not only does it alert you when you've overused 'just' or 'sorry', it also tells you when you're language is undermining your ideas.

just not sorry

Created by Tami Reiss, Steve Brudz, and Manish Kakwani of Cyrus Innovation as part of the Female Founder initiative. You can get the plug-in

It's free to use and you can add it to your Gmail account as a plug-in. You can get the tool here.