New Zealand do a NATIONWIDE Secret Santa and it sounds class 3 years ago

New Zealand do a NATIONWIDE Secret Santa and it sounds class

How many Secret Santas are you in?

I'm in eight. It's far too many.

I won't have money to feed myself for the month of December but hey, anything for that festive cheer, right?

There's only one more Secret Santa I would be willing to enter myself into at this stage and that's a nationwide Secret Santa that's currently happening in New Zealand.

Or, you know, if one was started in Ireland.

That would probably make more sense.

New Zealand's Secret Santa is simple enough to sign up for - and it sounds adorable.

People in the country just input their details into the official New Zealand Secret Santa website. 

They are then sent the name of their Secret Santa's Twitter handle. They buy them a small gift, send it via the post office, and that's it - Secret Santa with a total stranger achieved!

Participants are also encouraged to have a little bit of a lurk around their person's Twitter to learn a little more about them so not everybody ends up with a pair of novelty socks.

So far, 3,584 people have signed up to this year's nationwide Secret Santa.

Registration closed yesterday too so it's probably not unfair to say that that's the final number of participants.

Probably a bit more than your average office Kris Kindle, but whatever.

For those in the Secret Santa, names are being drawn today.

So if you happen to live in New Zealand (jealous) and you happen to have signed up to this class nationwide Secret Santa (jealous), you might want to check your inbox.