How one Meath community rallied to help a couple get married in the snow 4 years ago

How one Meath community rallied to help a couple get married in the snow

It's times like this week that we're all grateful for the help of good neighbours.

One couple who are especially thankful to the people in their locality today are Eric Horan and Sian Williams, who were able to go ahead with their wedding in County Meath yesterday.


The community of Kilmessan rallied around the pair to make sure they got to the church on time.

Several people pitched with shovels to clear a path through the snow and even helped to bring the wedding party and their guests to and from the ceremony.

After a call from the local Centra store, Trim Fire Services stepped up to get everyone to Trim Castle Hotel for the reception.


Photographer Ruth Foran made the trip from Enfield to document the big day.

She captured some breathtaking shots of them posing in front of a snowy Trim Castle - the perfect white wedding.

"The veil blew off Sian and they could hardly see the camera in the blizzard conditions but they just laughed through it all," wedding photographer Ruth Foran told Dublin Live.


"The local community are amazing," she added.

Sian, who is originally from Wales, said she and he new husband Eric couldn't get over the support.


"After Gary Costello put up an appeal on Facebook, ten jeeps showed up and there were even more at our disposal, if we needed them.

"They say you never forget your wedding day but because of the people of Kilmessan, I really won't forget mine."