New Look is being heavily criticised for these pyjamas which featured in its kids section 4 years ago

New Look is being heavily criticised for these pyjamas which featured in its kids section

High street shops are getting a tough old time of it lately.

Earlier this week we brought you the story of the GAP kids t-shirts that not only reinforced what people were calling harmful gender stereotypes but also contained some pretty bad misspellings.


Well, it seems like New Look is the latest chain to come under fire. Aggravated Twitter users took to the web to announce their disgust at what looked like New Look's latest line of children's pyjamas.

The pyjamas in question (pictured below) came under fire for the slogan emblazoned across the chest which reads 'Cheat Day.'

The shirt was photographed on a 915 hanger in the 915 section of New Look - marketed at girls aged 9-15.

The pyjama set was tweeted by FaeSteffi and went viral after mental health campaigner Ilona Burton voiced her concerns at the message the shop appeared to be sending to young girls.


Twitter users were horrified with the product and we can see why. Insinuating that 9-year-olds would ever need to diet is crazy in the first place, but to then presume that they would need a cheat day to eat pizza is just down right crazy.

JK Rowling, the absolute champion that she is, even joined in on the debate and retweeted Ilona's tweet that stated, "Can we all tell @NewLookFashion that 9 year olds shouldn't even know what a 'cheat day' is? So wrong.", seemingly adding her voice to the outrage against the shirt.

However, there was a twist in the tale when New Look made a statement in response to the backlash. New Look stated that the pajamas were in fact meant for the women's section.


But it does make you wonder: if we are not happy with 9-year-old girls wearing clothing that promotes dieting, then we probably shouldn't be okay with anyone wearing them.