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This guy Photoshopped himself into his baby pics to 'hang out with little me'
This is seriously impressive!

Oh, the nostalgia!

Conor Nickerson is so fond of his childhood memories that he’s spent the majority of the last six months looking at his baby pictures and imagining what it would be like to meet a younger him.

Yes, he’s thought about it so much that he went to the time and effort of Photoshopping himself into those baby pictures to at least know what it would look like.

The project called Childhood features his family pictures from 1997 until 2005 and is all to explore the idea of what it would be like to go back experience his childhood again with his younger self.

“I’m pretty happy with how these came out,” Conor says of the finished result.

“It’s pretty fun to think of myself just hanging out with little me.”

Conor is currently a student at McGill University in Montreal studying music but also embraces his love of photography through his online portfolio and Instagram.


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