Pointy Is The New Irish Shopping App You NEED In Your Life 4 years ago

Pointy Is The New Irish Shopping App You NEED In Your Life

Have you ever been caught on the hop needing a particular item in the shops, or been hit with a sudden craving for some really obscure foods in an area you don't know that well?

Well, Dublin-based startup Pointy have the app for you, and it's pretty genius.

The app helps you find obscure items you are looking for, locally. It simply uses your location services to find out what shops are close to you, and if they have that coveted item in stock. Amazingly, the app also keeps track of the stock levels in stores, so you don't drag your hungover body to the shop to find they have no Chipsticks left.

I asked one of the creators, Caroline Brady about where they came up with the genius idea:

"We were going to party and really wanted to buy a particular craft beer. It was definitely available somewhere locally, but we never found it."

"It seemed so strange that we could search the entire internet in half a second, but could not find something in our local shops. And so the idea for the Pointy app was born."

I downloaded the app, which is available on both Android and the App Store to give it a try, and I was very impressed.


Hypothetical situation 1. You are caught on the hop and get your period and have no supplies. Disaster. But wait, let's try Pointy.


Hypothetical Situation 2. You're trying to be like one of those Instagram health models but aren't sure where to pick up your fancy maca powder. Enter Pointy once again.


Hypothetical Situation 3. You're absolutely hanging and can't deal with life until you get your Chipsticks, but don't know if you are able to summon the strength to leave the house. What if you get to the shop and they aren't there?

Let Pointy check for you.


According to the app, the top searched foods are :

1. Coconut Flour

2. Medjoul Dates

3. Dark Chocolate Bounty

4. Raw Cacao Powder

5. Almond Butter

6. Stevia

7. Coconut Sugar

8. Fage Yoghurt

9. PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter

10. Nakd Bar

Download the app and give it a try, it's very handy indeed.