Police respond to shocking note left on car during domestic abuse call 4 years ago

Police respond to shocking note left on car during domestic abuse call

UK police have responded to a shocking note left on their car during a domestic abuse call.

Officers in Surrey were attending an emergency call yesterday when they discovered that a neighbour had left an aggressive note on their car.


The person, seemingly annoyed that a police car was parked near their home, left a note saying: "Note! Park your police car outside. This is private parking."

When police explained to the person that the situation was an emergency, the note writer said: "I don't care, it's not my emergency."

Surrey police took to Facebook to share a photo of the note, and to issue their own apology to the disgruntled person.


It was entirely sincere.

They said:

"Another heartfelt apology to the resident in #Horley who thought it would be helpful to tell us where we can and can't park.

"Unfortunately the officers parked in a residents bay in a rush to get into an address where reports of a distressed resident potentially being beaten up with a child in an address was called in.

"When the officers finished at the address and spoke to the person who put the note on their car, they explained they were responding to an emergency, the response was "I DONT CARE ITS NOT MY EMERGENCY".

"We apologise for our inconsiderate parking during a potentially life or death situation and we will try and be more aware next time.


The post has been met with much praise online - and much shock that the anonymous person could have remained so cold and callous during an emergency.