This is the most popular pub in Ireland, according to Instagram 3 years ago

This is the most popular pub in Ireland, according to Instagram

We all know the drill.

You're stuck for somewhere to go on Friday night and ask around for suggestions. One of your mates will pipe up about a deadly pub just down the road that you must try.


Do you look at their website? Of course not.

Do you look on Instagram? Yes, right away.

Instagram has become a place for us to review bars, restaurants and pubs... we can see what the interiors are like, what the vibe is like, what the age group is like and what drinks are served all in a couple of snaps.

So, when it comes to working out which places are popular and which are not, Instagram is a good shout to suss things out.


Overland Ireland compiled a list of the most popular pubs in Ireland according to the social media site, and we're not at all surprised on which came out on top.

  1. Temple Bar pub, Dublin
  2. Cafe En Seine, Dublin
  3. The Bernard Shaw, Dublin
  4. Lusty Beg Island, Kesh
  5. The Oliver Plunkett, Cork
  6. Porterhouse, Temple Bar, Dublin
  7. The Stag's Head, Dublin
  8. Zozimus, Dublin
  9. Pantibar, Dublin
  10. An Pucan, Galway

There's another 40 on the list (and don't worry, they're not all in Dublin), if you want to check it out here.