There was a puppy buggy in Dublin airport yesterday and sorry, we are n'able 2 years ago

There was a puppy buggy in Dublin airport yesterday and sorry, we are n'able


Who among us doesn't love a puppy?


Honestly, like.

They're small. They're cuddly. They're the best little guys in the whole entire world and they just want to do good for every single person who comes into contact with them.

Puppies are pure and they need to be protected at all costs.

They do also need to be wheeled around in a buggy and presented to the public, however. Because, well, they just do, alright?

The puppies in question are of My Canine Companion fame, and they've been popping into a variety of locations this week as they complete their service dog training.


The dogs - who are honestly so perfect that they simply cannot be real - will assist children and young adults living with autism when they're older.

But for now they are simply roaming around lucky locations, and making the general public's day that little bit brighter.

Yesterday, the dogs and their buggy hit up Dublin Airport - and the images were absolute puppy perfection.

There was dogs asleep, dogs smiling, dogs standing to attention and looking very important and also unequivocally adorable.


It was all a bit too much really and we do not deserve them.

Earlier this week, the puppy buggy made its first appearance in Liffey Valley Shopping Centre.

They were petted, they were pushed, and they were pretty much the best thing that has ever happened to the location, tbqhwy.


My Canine Companion have since asked their Instagram followers for suggestions as to where the buggy should visit next.

So is 'my gaff' an option, or?

You can find out more about My Canine Companion here.