Rainbow Christmas trees are a thing and we're obsessed 3 years ago

Rainbow Christmas trees are a thing and we're obsessed

Rainbow is the new green.

I know most people already have their Christmas preparations underway but have you thought about what tree you would like?


A nice traditional green, maybe a snowy white?

While this year you can make Christmas extra bright and by that we mean rainbow bright because rainbow Christmas trees are now a thing.

Usually you need to add a lot of decorations and lights to add colour to your Christmas tree but not with this one.


The 'Color Burst Rainbow Christmas Tree' from Treetopia and available through Amazon is everything you need to make your holiday décor extra special.

The seven foot multicoloured tree takes holly jolly to the next level and you can be sure you'll stand out from the neighbours.

Now while this tree looks amazing it is also amazingly expensive, I know our hearts are broken too.


The Rainbow Tree costs $239.99 (€218) but that does also include shipping and the tree stand. Still it's quite a lot more than picking one up down your local shop but if you get years of use out of it then it might be worth the price.

If you fancy ordering one or just want to stare at it longingly you can over on the Treetopia website.