Science Says This Workout Helps To Reduce Stress 5 years ago

Science Says This Workout Helps To Reduce Stress

Although finding time to fit in exercise can be a struggle, the rush of endorphins you feel after are well worth it.

Interestingly when it comes to neglecting the gym, people often cite stress as a reason for not going.

However, there are certain workouts that have been proven to reduce stress levels and boxing is one.


A recent study conducted by the  Japan Society of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences, found that this exercise encouraged "positive engagement" and had a "tranquil effect" on both men and women.

Those who participated in the study found that tension, anxiety, anger and dejection decreased significantly while feelings of relaxation and pleasure increased.

If you don't fancy a boxing match with an opponent, then kickboxing is also said to improve your general mood while easing frustration.

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