'I am doing my best to be better': Seven affirmations for International Women’s Day 4 years ago

'I am doing my best to be better': Seven affirmations for International Women’s Day

If you’ve been online at all today, you’ll have spotted that it’s International Women’s Day.

At this point you’ll probably either be gleefully re-gramming uplifting quotes about the sisterhood or rolling your eyes at the brands jumping on the bandwagon and commercialising the day.


Either response is fair.

Still, when lovely #IWD messages started rolling into one of my Whatsapp groups this morning, I couldn’t help but feel a burst of positivity and gratitude – but also started thinking about being a woman and whether I’m doing it right.


I am not a perfect feminist – but I am doing my best to be better.

Here are seven things I am reminding myself of today.


“I am grateful for the women I know.”


I am sometimes quietly blown away by the talent of the women I work with and by the kindness and brilliance of the of the women who are my family and friends.

I will not take them for granted.


“I am grateful for the women I don’t know.”


I am aware of the women who have come before me and broken barriers, often taking risks to do so.

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“I will check my privilege.”


I know how lucky I am to be a woman in this part of the world, in this time and from a background that gave me the best chance in life.

I will bear my privilege in mind and keep in mind those who haven’t had the same chances as me.


“I will support women who aren’t like me.”

I recognise that my experience of being a woman isn’t universal.

I will diversify the media I consume and will follow, read, watch and listen to women and girls who are younger, older, non-white, LGBT, trans, refugees and who have different world views to me. I will tell others about them.


“I will support companies that support women.”

So many brands and businesses now claim to be #forwomen – but many fail the women who work for them.

I will educate myself on the things I spend my money on and the companies I like and I will factcheck them on their feminist credentials.


“I will be kinder to myself.”

I have the right to be fallible. I will learn from mistakes but not beat myself up for them.


“There is no one right way to be a woman.”

We don’t all have to agree. I have the right to change my mind and to come to different conclusions to other women - and they do too.