Have a hot new business idea? WIN €10,000 to see that start-up thrive! 2 years ago

Have a hot new business idea? WIN €10,000 to see that start-up thrive!

Brought to you by the Student Entrepreneur Awards. 

Had a light-bulb moment yet?


Firstly, if so, a round of applause! But in truth, ensuring that wild and exciting idea comes to fruition, it takes heaps of time, devotion, business acumen and determination.

Businesses are incredibly important to people and society as a whole. That's why we've teamed up with the Student Entrepreneur Awards 2019 to help kick-start that business of yours ASAP.

You could WIN €10,000 to put towards getting your startup off the ground! You just need to ensure you have a passion for entrepreneurship, make a memorable video of your business idea, and enter the Enterprise Ireland Student Entrepreneur Awards 2019!

The Enterprise Ireland Student Entrepreneur Awards 2019 are now open and looking for applicants. The aim is to inspire and support ambitious young entrepreneurs in their business endeavours.

Much of the time, what people with innovative ideas are missing is simply experience and funds - yet these are what can make or break the deal.

But youth or inexperience shouldn't hold anyone back, hence why this competition is aimed specifically at full-time college students.


The one who nabs first place will gain a prize of €10,000 cash! There will be a few more awards to win too adding up to €25,000.

On top of the cash prize you'll ALSO receive assistance from Enterprise Ireland and the Local Enterprise Office to help develop your business. (Hurrah!)

As a finalist, you'll receive expert advice and guidance from sponsors in areas such as intellectual property, market research, finance, and product development, with a value of up to €30,000 in consultancy fees, so no matter what, you're ready to take on the business world!

To enter, here's what you need to do:

  • Produce a three minute/180 second video about your business idea, telling Enterprise Ireland all about your plan. Be sure to make it clear and memorable.
  • Submit the video by 5pm Friday, March 8 2019.
  • If your project is shortlisted, you'll then need to develop a business plan showing how your idea is commercially viable, well thought out and researched.

There you have it. Don't miss out on an incredible opportunity. This is it future-preneurs! Dream big and go for it.

Brought to you by the Student Entrepreneur Awards.

Are you a student with a commercially viable idea? The Student Entrepreneur Awards 2019 is a great opportunity for ambitious and enterprising third level students to build a real-world business venture and turn your concept into a reality! Enter now to be in with a chance of winning €35,000 in cash prizes and €30,000 worth of start-up advice and assistance. Apply here.