Important: Women prefer men with this kind of facial hair 4 years ago

Important: Women prefer men with this kind of facial hair

We're all into different things.

Tall, short, blonde, brunette, funny, serious... however when it comes down to facial hair, it seems like most woman like the same thing... beards. All the beards.


A new study by by the Journal of Evolutionary Biology asked 8,500 women what their preferences are when it comes to facial hair on men and astonishingly, every single one of those asked said they prefer some sort of beard.

The candidates were shown various photos of males who could be 'potential boyfriends' and were asked to rate them.

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To be fair, the men in the images were first photographed clean-shaven, then five days after shaving, ten days after shaving and four weeks after shaving.


The most popular result were men with heavy stubble, followed by a full beard which was then followed by light stubble.

The study states: "Beards may be more attractive to women when considering long-term than short-term relationships as they indicate a male's ability to successfully compete socially with other males for resources."

But you know, each to their own and all that!