There’s A New Way Of Proving You’re The Best Friend Ever… And It Absolutely ROCKS! 6 years ago

There’s A New Way Of Proving You’re The Best Friend Ever… And It Absolutely ROCKS!

This may just be our new must-have accessory.

Rewind back to your childhood years, and basically anything from friendship bracelets to necklaces to sharing your selection box were the true signs that you were officially ‘Best Friends Forever’.



Couple this with some doodles on your school journal that proclaimed the same, and the world had been told that you and your bestie were basically sisters for life.

While we may be all grown up and wiser (cough) now, that hasn’t stopped us from feasting our eyes on the new ‘it’ bracelet for best friends. And to say we want one (or five), may just be an understatement.

There is now (wait for it) a light-up friendship bracelet.



Yes, you did read that right, and yes, you can start posting us some immediately (we’re particularly fond of the multi-coloured one).

The best thing since sliced bread not only lights up, but can also change colours depending on which friend you’re with and indeed, what clothes you are wearing.

You can also send light messages to your friend’s bracelet in quick flashes to let them know that you’re on the way to meet them.



How cool is that?

*Bins mobile phone immediately*

“We designed it for teens because they are trendsetters in both fashion and technology,” said super cool inventors Gemio.


Never mind the teenagers, we want them all and we want them now.