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Rats out.

If you're not a fan of rodents (to be fair, who is?), you won't like this one.

It's been announced that there's a pop-up rat café coming to San Francisco.

Yep, they're words you never wanted to hear alongside one another - 'pop-up' and 'rat' - but like it or not, it's happening.

The San Francisco Dungeon, a popular tourist destination, will be opening a café where you can sit and eat while surrounded by rats, reports Mashable.

The good news? It's all-you-can-drink coffee (gotta stay alert when there are rats scurrying about).

The bad news? It's $50 entry. Really.

If you're not fazed by rats, you could enjoy the experience and might even end up going home with one - the furry fellas are all rescue rats and will be available for adoption.


So... yeah. Something to consider if you're off to California this summer.


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