12 things you probably didn’t know about left-handed people 6 years ago

12 things you probably didn’t know about left-handed people

There's a day for everything. Today, we celebrate the left-handed lovelies among us, as August 13th marks the 41st International Left-Handed Day.

Here are 12 things you may not have known about the lefties in your life...



Lefties don’t live as long

On average, a leftie lives nine years less than a right-handed person.



Lefties have a higher risk of psychosis.

 It’s believed that your brain laterality plays a role in such conditions.


But they make better artists


There is evidence to suggest that lefties are drawn to careers in the arts and display more creativity.


They earn less than right-handed people

Perhaps because so many are trying to find a career in the arts! But left-handed people earn approximately 10 per cent less than right-handed people.



Many famous intellectuals and politicians are left-handed

Including Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton.


It used to be quite an insult…


In Latin the word for left means sinister. In English, it dates back to an Anglo-Saxon word for broken, or weak.


It might determine your health

Different studies have found that left-handers are at an increased risk of suffering from learning disorders, but have a lowered risk of arthritis and ulcers.


They’re scared of more things

It’s to do with how different sides of the brain manage stress and fear.


They get angrier too

There are a lot of extremes of emotion at play here. Some research has suggested that lefties have a more difficult time processing their emotions.


You might find that lefties blush a lot too

Behavioural tests suggest that lefties are harder on themselves and worry more about their mistakes.


Left-handed people drink more often

The myth that left-handed people are more prone to alcoholism has been debunked, but they do tend to drink more often than righties.


But if it all goes wrong, lefties are more likely to survive

Researchers have suggested that in one on one combat, throwing a left-hand punch brings the element of surprise. In studies of primitive societies, researchers found that lefties were more likely to survive and thrive.47777-Rupaul-gif-I-cant-wait-to-see-czuJ