This Underwear Company Might Just Have Your Perfect Bra Thanks To 3D Printing 5 years ago

This Underwear Company Might Just Have Your Perfect Bra Thanks To 3D Printing

Hell is two words. Bra. Shopping.

For many women, especially the larger chested among us, shopping for a properly supportive bra that doesn't look like it would be a favourite among nanas is almost impossible. There's nearly always a compromise between support and an Actually Nice Looking Bra.


This might not always be the case, if Trusst Lingerie have anything to do with it. Laura West and Sophie Berman are industrial designers who created the company in the hopes of making supportive AND cute underwear with the help of a 3D printer.

According to their website, the bra has no underwire but is still super supportive with a system that redistributes the weight of your chest around the core of your body, as opposed to just relying on shoulder straps to yank up the gals.

The women went through over 300 prototypes and a successful Kickstarter campaign last year saw them raise over $75,000 to make comfortable bras as high up as a J cup.

"In the fall of 2014, we entered AlphaLab Gear, a nationally ranked hardware accelerator in Pittsburgh, PA. We removed underwire from the equation, bought a 3D printer, and started prototyping."

"After about 300 prototypes, we found our answer. Our new design supports the weight of your bust from underneath, removing the burden on your shoulder straps and refocusing the support around the core of your body where your strongest muscles are."

The use of 3D printing technology might mean a revolution for those who need a little more support.