This Weekend You... Should Go Dancing 8 years ago

This Weekend You... Should Go Dancing

There is nothing like hitting the dancefloor to clear the mind of worry and boost your mood.

Whether you're burning to return to your Irish dancing roots or channel your inner Beyoncé, there's no time like the present so grab a buddy and start making plans to shake that booty this weekend!


Here are a few ideas to get you started!

1) Start a class

We've all sat down on a Saturday night watching Strictly and said 'I must sign up for a salsa/ballroom dancing class' but this time, why don't you actually do it? There are a range of classes around Ireland offering every kind of dance imaginable and dancing is a great way to burn calories, meet new people and get off the couch!


Strictly Come Dancing 2012

2) Party with the girls

You don't need no classes, you've already got the moves so call the girls, stick on that old reliable LBD and get thee to your nearest, cheesiest nightclub for a night of working what your momma gave you. Word of advice, skip the 'low, low, low' bit during Flo Rida or you probably won't be able to sit down for most of Sunday.



3) Have a kitchen boogie

I know you're always supposed to 'dance like nobody is watching' but it's much better fun to dance when there actually is nobody watching. Forget about the fact that you pull weird faces or have a general lack of co-ordination and bop around the house til you're thoroughly exhausted. This is our go-to tune!