Time to get the legs out... temperatures are set to soar this week 5 years ago

Time to get the legs out... temperatures are set to soar this week

When we say get the legs out, we mean furiously rummage through drawers to find ALL THE FAKE TAN.

Don't get too excited, there will be rain too... this is Ireland after all. We're not kidding though, according to Met Eireann temperatures will reach 17 degrees this week.


It's cloudy and damp today, but there will be sunny spells in many places this afternoon, with temperatures reaching a maximum of 16 degrees.

Spells of patchy light rain will develop on Monday evening, but Tuesday and Wednesday are set to be mild and bright once again, with highs of 17 degrees (take that CRETE) on Tuesday and 16 degrees on Wednesday.

It’ll start to cool off a little from Thursday onwards with average temperatures of between 9 and 12 degrees, although conditions will remain dry for the most part before it becomes colder still on Thursday night, with the possibility of frost in places.

The current forecast for Friday, St. Patrick’s Day, is for a chilly start, with light rain in the west and north turning heavier as the day progresses.


If you’re out and about, best bring a warm coat as temperatures won’t go any higher than 10 degrees, with freshening southwest winds likely to make it feel even cooler than that.

Sure it wouldn't be Paddy's Day without the odd torrential downpour.