Trying For A Baby? You Might Want To Serve Him A Steak… 8 years ago

Trying For A Baby? You Might Want To Serve Him A Steak…

We all know the value of eating a diet packed with fruit and veg, but for male vegetarians or vegans, their lifestyle choice could be affecting their sperm count.

A new study from Loma Lunda University Medical School has shown that male vegetarians and vegans have a significantly lower sperm count than men who tucked into a meaty meal.


The research found that vegetarians and vegans had on average 50 million sperm per ml. For those meat eaters, there was a dramatically higher amount, with an average of 70 million sperm per ml.

The study also found that 60% of sperm for meat-eaters is ‘active’, while this was halved for vegetarians in the study.

Dissecting the results, Dr Eliza Orzylowska an obstetrician at Loma Linda University Medical Centre said:

"We found that diet does significantly affect sperm quality. Vegetarian and vegan diets were associated with much lower sperm counts than omnivorous diets.


“Although these people are not infertile, in is likely to play a factor in conception, particularly for couples who are trying to conceive naturally - the old fashioned way.”

While we know it’s important to get your five-a-day, we better start adding a few steaks and meat to the shopping basket too.