UK university is offering free flights home to Irish students for the referendum 8 months ago

UK university is offering free flights home to Irish students for the referendum

This is such a great idea.

Many students are currently abroad studying, however their votes are an essential part in repealing the Eighth Amendment.

One UK university is now offering a cash contribution to its students to fly home so they can vote in the referendum on May 25.

The University of Sussex Postgraduate Education Officer of the college's Student's Union took to Facebook today and urged students to apply for the grant.

In a Facebook post, she said:

Are you an Irish student eligible to vote and want to go home for Repeal the 8th?

In line with the NUS bursary, the Students Union are able to offer up to £100 per student for up to 15 students toward their flights and travel costs. In order to take up this opportunity we will need:

1. proof of your eligibility to vote (enter your details here and take a screenshot:…)

2. Scans of receipts or booking confirmation for your travel

She then gave students the email address of the campaign's admin to follow up on. You can read the full facebook post here.

It comes after international celebrities took to social media to urge people to vote in the referendum.

Courteney Cox took to Twitter today to share a video of Irish actors and actresses asking people to vote yes.

That follows on from Sarah Hyland posting about it yesterday.

On Twitter, she wrote:

"I am a woman. I am Irish. I have a slew of health complications that COULD put me in a situation where I would be forced to make a heartbreaking decision.

"If I was a resident of Ireland, the laws in place would kill me. I understand this all too well."