'Very unattractive' people make more money, according to a study 3 years ago

'Very unattractive' people make more money, according to a study

There's hope for us all, lads.

If you think you're unattractive, chances are you're not unattractive.


Everybody has different definitions of what they consider beautiful and at the end of the day, we are honestly all far too hard on ourselves to make any kind of impartial judgement.

Aside from this though, if you're stuck in a rut of thinking that you're an extremely unattractive person don't worry because not only will this feeling pass, but chances are you might may more money from it in the long term.

Yeah, we're not entirely sure where the logic is either.

While most of us would assume that people who consider themselves attractive would have the confidence to go for higher positions in work and therefore make more money, apparently this isn't always the case.

A study recently revealed that while 'attractive' people make more money than 'unattractive' people, those who consider themselves to be 'very unattractive' earned far more than the 'unattractive' people and even in some cases, the 'average' and 'attractive' people.

A bit of a mouthful, we know, but we'll try our best to explain why.


The study, conducted in the University of Boston, measured the physical attractiveness of 20,000 people over 13 years.

Researchers found that while those who were confident earned lots of money, so did those lacking in confidence.

In BPS Digest, Alex Fradera theorises as to why this might be, writing:

"Could this openness-attractiveness association be an indicator that some of the very unattractive scored especially low on openness and were perhaps highly devoted to a specific topic area, pursuing it obsessively to the exclusion of all distractions and eventually entering the forefront of their field?"


Or, in other words, are people so lacking in confidence that they'll focus all their energy on one specific part of work and excel until they're earning a load of cash?


Either way, the study seemed to suggest that if you're really confident, you'll do well money wise... but that if you're severely lacking in confidence, you will too.

It's those average Joes we've got to watch out for.